How To Overcome the Communication Challenges of Remote Working?

Communication Challenges of Remote Working

Remote working is an ongoing reality for many of us these days. A little over a year after the pandemic swept across the world, many businesses are still adapting to new ways of working. These extraordinary circumstances required lightning speed change. Especially in how we interact with colleagues in the workplace. Effective communication can be elusive at the best of times. So how can we overcome the additional communication challenges of remote working?

Your #CommsChallenge

How Do You Overcome the Communication Challenges of Remote Working?

Remote working brings several benefits. Many people enjoy the flexibility of setting their workday schedule. Or avoiding long commutes to and from the office. At the same time, working exclusively through a screen, or telephone, presents a whole new set of communication challenges.

What’s Your #CommsChallenge?

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to overcome the communication challenges of remote working. More specifically, the technical aspects of setting up and running a virtual communication event.

These activities can range from a routine update with your team, to sharing an online presentation with investors or employees. Perhaps you’re scheduled to deliver a webinar to promote your services. Or else, you may have been invited to participate in an all-digital panel discussion at an industry conference.

We decided to take a short break this week from our #SimplyComms videos to ask for your feedback. What would help you feel more confident to communicate in this fast-changing digital environment? What are the biggest technical challenges you face online?

Drop us a line in the comments section or send us a direct message. We’d love to hear from you so that we can address your question in future videos.

Next week we’ll be back with our usual #SimplyComms series. We hope you’re finding these videos useful and we really appreciate all of your feedback so far.

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