Balance Blender Team

We are enthusiastic communication geeks who thrive on seeing your great ideas, and business, come to life through effortless communication.

Jennifer MacLeod

Media Producer

An experienced digital media producer who has managed film, television, video and audio production for domestic, US and International markets, for more than a decade, now founder of Jenneve Digital, a one-stop shop for all your digital communication. We create media that captures and shares your passion and purpose across platforms. Production, post-production, distribution – we do it all. You bring your vision. We’ll take care of the rest. 

My Personal Balance Blend: Yoga, tennis, long walks with Tally

Aimée DuBrule

Senior Communications Leader

Corporate communications expert, host of Wake Up Shake Up podcast and founder of CultureRISE. During my 20-year career, I’ve worked across three continents with multi-national corporations, NGOs and agencies, leading communications programmes in the consumer goods, health, technology and travel sectors. My specialties are executive communication coaching, corporate branding, reputation management and crisis management.

My Personal Balance Blend: Swimming, long walks in nature, reading, dancing in the living room, snuggling with Blossom and Cleopatra.

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