What’s the Best Way to Reach Your Audience?

Today’s communication landscape is fragmented unlike ever before. So what’s the best way to reach your audience?

Get Your Ideas Seen and Heard

How can we get our ideas seen and heard without feeling like a self-promoting jerk? Here are three tips to showcase your work more effectively.

Be Prepared For Your Presentation, Not Perfect

Your presentation will never go quite the way you expect. When you are prepared for the unexpected, you can respond with confidence. This is where presentation magic happens.

Why You Should Always Rehearse A Presentation

Rehearsal is one of the most important components to presenting with confidence. It’s also the step we tend to avoid. Here’s why you should always rehearse a presentation.

How To Use Virtual Backgrounds for Video Calls

Virtual backgrounds and filters have made a splash on video conferencing calls over the last year. Here are three simple tips to improve the quality of your virtual background.

Project Confidence When Presenting

We want to be front and centre in our audience’s mind. Here are three simple ways to project confidence when presenting remotely.